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Clark's is at it again...this time it's cutting board soap!

Posted on July 10 2015

We're so elated that our customers love and appreciate the products we are producing over here at Clark's, and we're keeping the momentum going by adding a frequently requested product to our line....

Clark's Cutting Board Soap

Clark's Cutting Board and Butcher Block Soap!

Of course we knew that it needed to be all natural, so Paul Clark got to work and formulated an amazing organic castile-based soap which is the perfect product to use for cleaning any of your wooden kitchen items, as it will leave them smelling great and free of any foodborne germs that remain when not cleaned properly.


We are looking forward to your results in keeping those cutting boards, spoons, salad bowls and butcher blocks clean and fresh.

I know Paul's busy in the lab working on the next product...we'll be sure to keep you posted!

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