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About Clark's

CLARK’S founder, Paul Clark, developed a passion for woodworking at a young age. While living in Boston, he spent his weekends hand selecting lumber from the local hardware store and crafting cutting boards for his own personal use and began giving them to family and friends as gifts. Upon moving to Texas in 2011, Paul began experimenting with ways to care for and condition the cutting boards he had been creating. After testing a variety of brands, he recognized that there was a lack of high quality, non-toxic and effective wood care products on the market. With food-safety in mind, Paul began a quest to develop his own line of all-natural, food-safe products to care for and condition wood. 


Clark's cutting board pastUsing his kitchen stove and a 20-quart stock pot, Paul began mixing various ingredients, on a mission to develop the perfect cutting board oil. Knowing that many people experience nut allergies, Paul wanted to avoid using walnut oil, a common ingredient found in many existing wood care products. After a great deal of testing and research, Paul settled on food-grade mineral oil as a base, due to the fact that unlike other oils, it is food-safe and will not go rancid. After formulating the perfect blend of mineral and essential oils, Paul was confident that his product stood out from others on the market. Paul began giving out samples of his creation to friends, family, and local woodworkers, and experienced an overwhelming amount of positive feedback. The requests for more began pouring in.


Over the course of the following year, Paul began bottling and packaging CLARK’S Cutting Board Oil and selling it on Amazon. He also created CLARK’S Cutting Board Wax Finish which was met with high demand. After returning to his hometown of Seattle in 2014, Paul began the process of expanding the CLARK’S product line with cutting board soap, oil and wax applicators, and a bamboo storage caddy. He has also recently added a lavender and rosemary scent to the CLARK’S lineup. With a keen attention to detail and a desire to bring safe, effective, and natural wood care alternatives to its customers, the CLARK’S brand is excited to be an innovative addition to the wood care market.