About Clark's

When I was 14, I helped my dad build a barn on our property. He taught me how to swing a hammer, operate a circular saw and most importantly how to work with wood. From that time on I fell in love with woodworking. The smell of fresh wood shavings and the feel of sharp hand tools turning a rough product into masterpieces was invigorating.

Years later, after making some beautiful heirloom cutting boards, I set out to find the very best food safe oil and wax to preserve my pieces. I purchased every oil and wax available on the market only to be disappointed with each discovery. The only products available were imported with non-food safe ingredients, wax & oil that smelled like dirty socks, creams that wouldn't penetrate the wood or provide a proper finish, mystery ingredients, and oils that would go rancid!

At that point I realized, if I wanted to treat my boards with products that actually worked and that I could fully trust were food safe, then I would need to make them myself. So, with my wife’s permission I grabbed our kitchen stockpot and after months of research, trial and error, I developed a comprehensive 3 step process to clean, condition, and protect wood surfaces that would be in contact with food.

So now, several years later, you can take comfort knowing that when you're preparing a meal, serving sushi, slicing bread, or just setting out your cheese trays, that CLARK'S has you covered.

Moms, Chefs, Woodworkers and Foodies around the world use our products. Why? Because they know that "if it's worth preserving, it's worth CLARK'S."

Proudly Made in the USA!

- Paul Clark