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  • CLARK'S Complete Care Kit (Soap, Oil, Wax, Brush, Applicator & Buffing Pad) | Orange & Lemon Scent
  • CLARK'S Complete Care Kit (Soap, Oil, Wax, Brush, Applicator & Buffing Pad) | Orange & Lemon Scent

CLARK'S Complete Care Kit (Soap, Oil, Wax, Brush, Applicator & Buffing Pad) | Orange & Lemon Scent

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CLARK’S Complete Cutting Board Maintenance Kit is the ultimate wood care package. CLARK’S maintenance kit includes our cutting board soap, cutting board oil, cutting board finish, foam applicator, and bamboo cutting board caddy. These products combined will clean, restore, and protect your favorite wood products with minimized mess and waste.

Why You’ll LOVE It:

  • Provides start to finish care for a wide range of wood products
  • Easy product application with minimized waste and mess
  • Best value available

CLARK’S castile-based soap is formulated with certified organic vegetable fats and is free of animal by-products. Our unique soap blend is developed to kill food-borne germs on wood surfaces and keep them clean without the use of harmful chemicals. Our cutting board oil penetrates deep to prevent drying and cracking, while our wax adds a water resistant layer that will help your wood products last longer by blocking out unwanted liquids and juices. CLARK’S Cutting Board Oil and Finish Set will help bring all of your favorite wood products back to life. CLARK’S Oil and Wax Applicator ensures an easy, even application of oil or wax to your favorite wood products. Made of solid maple, our applicator fits perfectly inside of CLARK’S Cutting board wax container, reducing both mess and waste. 

CLARK’S cutting board soap, oil, and wax are available in two unique scents that will leave your kitchen smelling great! Our original scent is naturally derived from lemon and orange oils and delivers a fresh fragrance that doesn’t overpower. We have recently added to our product line with a lavender and rosemary scent that makes for a relaxing cleaning and finishing experience.

 CLARK’S Three Steps to Cutting Board Greatness:
Step 1: Clean and sanitize with CLARK’S Cutting Board Soap
Step 2: Rejuvenate and condition with CLARK’S Cutting Board Oil and Conditioner
Step 3: Seal and Protect with CLARK’S Cutting Board Finish Wax
Voila! Relax and enjoy the natural beauty of your freshly revived wood products.

CLARK’S is a family owned company that greatly values our customer’s satisfaction. If for any reason you are not 100% happy with your purchase, please let us know so we can make it right.

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